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I have recently moved to a lovely village, not far from the historic city of Lincoln, with my family, my wonderfully supportive husband Rob, our two children and our cat, Billy and dog, Coco. Our home is a 200 year old cottage filled with Art, family heirlooms and antique treasures and we are working to create a cottage garden which hopefully, by the summer, will be full of flowers and herbs. 

After studying for my Degree in Fine Art at Leeds University I spent 18 years working as a secondary school Art Teacher before becoming a full time artist. My years teaching other people how to draw refined my eye and developed my practical skills and my children were, and still are, my favourite muses. 

I love working as a portrait artist because of the personal connection I feel with my subjects (even those I never meet) and the people I make my work for. I find there is something deeply moving about being able to bring a drawing or painting to life. It isn't always an easy process but I find capturing a likeness, a personality, a spirit so rewarding, and knowing that I am making something which will bring joy and be personally treasured, maybe for generations feels like such a privilege. 

When I am not drawing and painting, walking the dog or gardening, I love to sew. My dream is to incorporate my love of vintage and historical textiles into my art practice. 


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