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Dreaming of Summer

My winter is being brightened with the pleasure of making beautiful pieces, full of sunshine and joy, from last summer's photoshoots. Nothing beats natural light for portraits and everyone feels at their best out in the open air, summer is such a great time to make wonderful memories.

This large charcoal piece, 100 x 100 cm, designed to be a statement piece for Caroline Smith's stunning dining area, captures memories of a glorious family afternoon by the river. The gorgeous warmth comes from the paper that I hand toned before I started draw in order to replicate the dappled sunlight falling on the children.

The centre image is the composite photo I created for the portrait. I will write more soon about my photoshoots and how I put together natural looking compositions full of movement and life.

This charcoal and pastel portrait of Yvonne and her daughter is also on hand toned paper and celebrates their beautiful bond. We had a beautiful afternoon in the park together and there were so many fabulous photos of the pair of them it was difficult for Yvonne and I to choose which were our favourites. I love her final choice, the look of love on her face and the way her daughter is so comfortable in her arms is something I know they will both treasure.

This cute little guy absolutely charmed me during his photoshoot, and had me running all over the place, those little legs are surprisingly speedy. We got so many adorable photos that would have made fantastic portraits, it definitely wasn't an easy choice for his parents. I always offer my opinion on which photos are strongest from an artistic point of view but ultimately my advice is to select the one which most captures the personality. They chose well - that beginning of a smile is full of character.

I'm still busy in the studio working on some paintings from the summer - think dappled light and apple blossom - absolutely heavenly! I can't wait to get them finished and to share them with you.

But in the mean time I shall leave you with one of my favourite pieces to date, another group portrait, this one from a photoshoot in the September sun of 2022.

At the time of writing this, in February 2024, I already have photoshoots booked in for the summer. There are still some slots but my availability is limited, (portraiture is not a speedy process) so do get in touch if you are interested in a portrait or checkout my website here for more information and prices.

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